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 Dr. Jacob Allen Shipon provides the basic format for Uspmed.com.thru programs ,products,services and supervision  for prevention and longevity.
Throughout most of Western civilization people have been taught to believe that sickness is inevitable, aging is inescapable and stress is just a part of modem life. We have also come to accept that anger, pessimism and helplessness are inevitable to some degree or another.
The truth is,you will discover; sickness, premature aging, stress and all forms of emotionalism are not inevitable. In fact, these negative emotions and the resulting problems they cause are nothing more than perceptions based on our acquired and learned behavior.
As a primary care physician I have studied and practiced preventative medicine for more than thirty years. My interests have always been in an area known as Behavioral Medicine. A field that combines the many different disciplines related to the integration of the mind and body and how it relates to health, illness and longevity.
My approach to medicine and the basis for this website is prevention-based. My approach and the program set forth  also recognizes and actively promotes the individual's contribution to their own health and well-being as paramount, not just the physician's.
This is the first website to deal comprehensively with a preventative approach to emotional and physical well-being that focuses on mindset and integrates both diet and exercise into that theme.

The promise of this website, books  program [products ,services,supervision platform in development]

  • You will learn why we think and act the way we do, which is a key to change and to taking complete control of your emotional and physical life. You will learn why we are genetically predisposed to our mindset, diet and patterns of exercise.
  • You will learn how to change all of his or her current perceptions thereby eliminating all negative emotions and behavior from their lives.
  • You will learn how to integrate their new knowledge about how their minds work, with a diet based on empirical principles that work to reduce body fat, increase muscle mass, raise energy levels and lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels dramatically.
  • You  will learn how to employ a practical exercise program designed to develop elite conditioning, reduce fat and increase muscle mass and flexibility. They will also learn to integrate this program, their new diet and mindset to form a more powerful mind-body that will lead to a life of profound emotional and physical well-being.
  • Following the principles in this website, which include the best of eastern and western medicine, the reader will be able to solve 98% of his or her active daily life problems, and it will ultimately maximize their full human potential.
  • Our approach not only teaches profound principles, it motivates the reader and shows them clearly how to inculcate the principles into their daily lives.

Until very recently, most experts thought that risk factors such as smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise, genetics, viruses and germs were the primary cause of illness and disease, and certainly those are important factors. However, more often than not, stress in any of its many forms is a major contributor to illness.
It is becoming increasingly clear that for many patients, emotional, psychological and even spiritual factors are at least as important, both in preventing disease and in healing.
Learning to develop the other 90% of our mind power and then using that empowerment to eliminate stress, illness and premature aging is what this program is all about.
I have learned that there is much more to medicine than pills and operations. Early in my career I began to develop programs that treated the entire patient; methods that worked on the emotional aspects of the individual as well as the physical.
Our books and programs are the culmination of my thirty years of study, research and work with hundreds upon hundreds of patients. In fact, having seen the astounding results in patients who learned, inculcated and then implemented these principles .